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Keyword Research

Accurate search volume, clicks, sales, relevant keywords and historical search trends for any keyword.

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Reverse ASIN

Dig out the keywords that your competitor is ranking for and driving sales to their listing.

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Product Research

The accurate sales information and historical trends for top 100,000 ASINs of each category.

Keyword Research

  • Provides the the search volume, click volume, purchase volume and conversion rate of the top 100,000 keywords under all categories.
  • Supports US, Japan, European, Canada, Australia,India marketplaces, update monthly.
  • Display the keyword historical trends for the market analyse and profitable products selection.
  • Recommend relevant keywords for listing and CPC keywords optimization.

Product Research

  • Provides the product accurate sales data of top 100,000 ASIN under each category.
  • Provides the query on monthly sales, weekly sales and Move&Shakers. Supports the query on specific category, including 1st category, 2nd category, 3rd category and more.
  • Supports multiple filter conditions to find the target profit products.

Reverse ASIN

  • To dig out the keywords which bring the traffic and sales to product. Optimize your Amazon listings, generate more Traffic, and sell more products.
  • Save on CPC and get more accurate keywords to increase the CPC performance.
  • A deep insight of high-searched keywords which you might never think of.

Sales Tracker & Product Tracker

  • Track the daily BSR ranking changes of your ASIN under each category to evaluate your promotion efforts.
  • Track the daily BSR ranking, price, reviews, rating changes of competing ASIN to get the promotion strategy of opponents.
  • Track the daily stock and sales of competing ASIN.

ASIN Report

  • The organic search volume, click volume, purchase amount and etc for the keywords of specific ASIN.
  • Organic daily sales of the keyword for the past two years.
  • The ASIN report 2.0 Includes the ASIN weekly sales.
  • Supports all marketplaces, available within 1-3 business days after submission.


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